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When it comes to sidewalks in Winnipeg, Banak Paving is the name to know. As a leading concrete contractor in Winnipeg, Banak Paving has extensive experience installing beautiful and durable concrete sidewalks for both residential and commercial properties.

Sidewalks and Walkways are something that Banak Paving Winnipeg excels at delivering. Professionally build sidewalks and walkways are a critical element of any project where you need to get people safely and efficiently from your parking area, common area or driveway and into or around your building. When planning your parking lot, driveway or commercial entrances don’t forget to consider how you’re going to get people safely in and out of the area. In our opinion, nothing beats a concrete sidewalk or walkway. No matter if you are looking to repair an existing walkway or install entirely new sidewalks we can do the work to your satisfaction.

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Banak Paving is Winnipeg's premier sidewalk contractor, specializing in residential and commercial concrete sidewalk installation and repair. We have been proudly serving Winnipeg for over 30 years, building walkways throughout the city.