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Banak Paving Construction Company is the true definition of a "grass roots" construction company, home grown and raised right here in Winnipeg. For a company like ours, reputation is everything. From the initial estimate to the final walkthrough we keep constant contact and uphold the highest standards in customer service and quality control. We believe a small, skilled crew rather than a large workforce gives us the edge over the competition. Attention to detail, pride in our work, and customer service is the model we follow here at Banak Paving Winnipeg.

Finding the right contractor can be a painstaking process. We make it a priority to always make your experience with us a pleasant one. Whether you just need some advice or would like a formal quote, we are here to help. With an up front, no nonsense approach we always give you the best possible service and pricing.

No matter what your project is, we are here to do our best in achieving your dream paving work accomplished, get a quote from us.

When it comes to paving your driveway you may want to consider interlocking paving stones. At Banak Paving, we are paving stone specialist. We at Banak Paving, are the specialist pavers in winnipeg. We have installed hundreds of driveways and love the creativity it allows. If you have a special project in mind paving stones may just be the way to go.

Paving Stone Driveway

Should I choose paving stones or concrete for my driveway paving project?

Maybe you’ve bought or built the house of your dreams and are ready for one of the final steps which is - creating the perfect driveway or parking area. Or, you’ve decided that it’s time for either a new driveway or pool deck construction and / or possibly your existing one has deteriorated over time.

Start by doing your due diligence and homework and look at the different options. Paving Stone Driveway, Concrete, are possible and each offers advantages and limitations.

Will a paving stone cost more in Winnipeg?

Having done your research you are really wowed by some of the concrete prices and paving stone driveway cost you have seen around Winnipeg, and you have decided that you’re looking for a strong high impact paving stone driveway. That said, you are concerned about the cost. Let’s be honest here, of all the paving options that exist; paving stone is typically the most expensive paving option, but not always.

Paving Stones vs Concrete

When it comes to paving stones vs concrete you decide for yourself. We live in one of the harshest climates on the planet. Everything freezes in the winter and thaws out in the summer. Paving Stone driveways can be fixed if settling occurs. Concrete has to be either lifted or re-poured if settling or deterioration occurs. Paving Stone Driveways have good curb appeal and help with resale of your property. Concrete cracks and settles over the years.

We are experts in paving and below are the list of some of our specialties:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Slabs
  • Repairs to Interlocking
  • Pool Decks
  • Fire Pits
  • Fire Places
  • Foundations
  • Poured & Place Curbing
  • Hardscape Design
  • Engineered Wall Systems
  • Steps
  • Interior
  • Exterior